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Rent a car Sitia

Information about Car Rental in Sitia

Available Car Types
Economy, Medium, Family, SUV, Jeeps 4χ4, 7/9 seats minivans, convertible, diesel, hybrid, luxury.
Pickup Locations
In every hotel in Sitia or other location of your choice.
From 12€ / day with Collision Damage Waiver Insurance.
Optional Extras
  • GPS (8€ / day)
  • Baby Seat ( 2€ / day )
Included in every Car Rental
  • Collision Damage Waiver Insurance
  • New safe vehicles
  • No cancellation Fees
  • Theft & Fire Insurance
  • Free of Charge Second Driver
  • Free Mileage
  • Third Part Liabilities & Personal Insurance
  • All Taxes Included (V.A.T. etc)
  • No hidden costs

About Sitia in Crete Greece

The romantic and picturesque town of Sitia lies at the northeastern end of Crete. It is built amphitheatrically around a beautiful bay, and is the place of origin of the great Cretan poet of the Renaissance Vitsentzos Kornaros.

Sitia was named after ancient Itia or Itida or Sitaia and has a long history. It was inhabited since the Minoan years, according to archaeological finds, and was experienced great prosperity in all the historical periods of Crete. It was an important commercial harbor during the Middle Ages, while at the Venetian occupation it was destroyed many times due to earthquakes and pirate raids. The town was rebuilt in 1870.

Today, Sitia is a fully developed city and is a very attractive tourist destination for calm and family holiday. The city’s coastal front, which is very beautiful and picturesque, stretches over a long distance, is pedestrianized, has cafes, bars, restaurants, taverns, various shopping and tourist shops, and a wonderful harbor. Additionally, you will find clean hotels and rooms to rent with high quality services and facilities, for a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Sitia has major attractions, such as the Archaeological Museum, where you can see exhibits of the wider region from the Minoan period till the Greek-Roman years, the Folklore Museum, in which you will see rich collections of woven, traditional tools and suits, and the Museum – Exhibition of local products, which shows products of the region and contributes to the development and strengthening of local economy and production. However, the Venetian fortress of Kazarma is the emblem of the city, and is situated on a hillside with amazing panoramic view.

You can visit numerous beaches in the area of Sitia, which has breathtaking beauty, crystal clear waters, are deserted and isolated, or popular and organized. So, apart from the long beach of Sitia which is fully organized, after hiring a vehicle, you can head to the lovely beaches of Agia Fotia and Maridati, the beaches of Hiona and Kouremenos for windsurf, the exotic beaches Erimoupolis and Xerokambos, the Kavo Sidero for diving lovers, Makrygialos with island of Chrissi opposite, Mochlos, etc.

In addition, with a rental car, you can go to Kato Zakros with the Minoan Palace, visit the Ancient Itanos, the impressive Monastery of Toplou, and Minoan house in the village Hamezi. Also, you explore the gorges Richti and Agion Panton, the evergreen villages Sandali, Katsidoni and Zou with the plane trees, running waters and springs, the unique and spectacular palm forest Vai, and many other places of natural beauty and historical importance.

Sitia town

MONZA car hire Sitia has a wide variety of reliable vehicles at very affordable prices to facilitate your travels and explorations. The friendly and qualified staff is waiting to serve you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
about car hire at Sitia

How much does it cost to rent a car at Sitia?

The rental price varies depending on the days you rent the car. The more time period, the cheaper the rental price. Rates start from 9 € / day.

What type of rental car do you suggest me to hire in Sitia?

The best recommended car category for car hire Sitia is  the Medium Family (C ) like Toyota Yaris. It is also suitable for traveling all around Crete.

What is the speed limit in Sitia?

You can drive in the town of Sitia up to 50 km as in most cities in Crete and Greece. If you drive on the highway then the speed increases to 90 km. Follow the road signs that define you the speed limit.

I don't have a credit card. Can I rent a car?

In case you do not have a credit card, choose full insurance coverage in the insurance options to avoid the amount of excess as a guarantee. Upon pickup of the car, you can pay in cash or with a debit card.

What should be the age of the driver to rent a car?

The driver must be 21 years old with at least 1 year of driving for categories A1, B1, and C. For the other categories, it is 23 and 25 years. Selecting your age in the search form will only show the vehicles you can rent based on your age.

Do I have additional costs for the delivery of the car in Sitia?

You do not have any other fees for the delivery of your rental car in the Sitia area, in the hotel or apartment you stay.