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We will offer you a fleet of cheap car hire Rethymnon with the highest quality care. Choose the type of vehicle that best suits your needs. Our helpful and friendly staff will deliver your perfect car with quick and simple procedures without queues. Book a car today online without credit card and win from our special offers!

Rent a car Rethymnon

Information about Car Rental in Rethymno

Available Car Types
Economy, Medium, Family, SUV, Jeeps 4χ4, 7/9 seats minivans, convertible, diesel, hybrid, luxury.
Pickup Locations
In every hotel in Rethymno or other location of your choice.
From 12€ / day with Collision Damage Waiver Insurance.
Optional Extras
  • GPS (8€ / day)
  • Baby Seat ( 2€ / day )
Included in every Car Rental
  • Collision Damage Waiver Insurance
  • New safe vehicles
  • No cancellation Fees
  • Theft & Fire Insurance
  • Free of Charge Second Driver
  • Free Mileage
  • Third Part Liabilities & Personal Insurance
  • All Taxes Included (V.A.T. etc)
  • No hidden costs

About Rethymnon in Crete Greece

Splendid holiday with car rental service in Rethymno, Greece

We know how much thrill and excitement fills up when we plan to spend a holiday with our family and friends. And no doubt, Rethymno is the best destination to plan your vacation as it is the eye captivating city covering the north coastline of Greece. It holds the third-largest position in the queue of the Greek island. This city is the ultimate coherence of fun, scenic views and supplemented by MONZA RENT A CAR Company’s luxurious rental car services. We have facilitated our worthy customers with comfortable, budget-friendly, and opulent vehicle rental in Rethymno.

Rethymno- a holiday destination:

The main fascinating feature about Rethymno is that it the perfect amalgamation of the old cultural heritage and modern city hub. The specialty of Rethymno is that it comprises mini streets impacted by restaurants and stores, yet these streets seem less crowded. The vast parking area in Rethymno makes it more feasible to visit this city by car. The car rental service is more appropriate to utilize in this city because you will free from car security worries as the service provider company will take care of your car. Rethymno is a magnificent harbor city with stunning places to eat, drink and wander around the alleyways. The little shops with freakily beautiful things are worth buying.  The old town of Rethymno is a fantastic picturesque experience. Getting indulged in the spellbound magic of back streets will make you feel inner contentment. It was glorious to visit the tavernas, ornamented shops, and bakeries, along with having fun seeing narrow streets and tiny houses. The Mediterranean atmosphere of Rethymno makes this a city with a recommended place for a holiday. Several businesses are worth watching in Rethymno. These include historic buildings, old towns, beaches, and boardwalks. But you can visit all these places after having a suitable vehicle. Among the historic buildings, there is a lighthouse and Fortessa. It’s one of the best experiences to have a walk around the beautiful boardwalk around the sea.  There are good bars and restaurants with the iconic view of flickering sea waves.

The vehicles offered by our company are clean and have proper functioning. Sophisticated car rental services can only achieve by compact cars in Rethymno with a charming view of the city at night and day. MONZA RENT A CAR offers their concerning customer with these hiring services in Rethymno covering all significant aspects. A vehicle’s hiring will let you visit all the beautiful expeditions, either at faraway or nearby destinations. The main reason behind utilizing the hired car service is that you will be free to move without public transport perturbation. Your leased car will also benefit you by protecting your public exposure, especially in pandemic situations.  Moreover, you will also enjoy the self-driven experience of the vehicle in the city of Rethymno.

Rethymnon city

Company Offers:

Our company has offered various car services on a Greek island like Rethymno depending on the type of area our client is visiting. It includes island car, minivan, and luxury hire deals based on your requirement. We have understood this dilemma: before booking a vehicle, every client needs to focus on many characteristics like the number of persons, comfort level, areas desired to visit, budget, and many more. Hence taking into account all these aspects, MONZA RENT A Car Company has solved all your worries regarding your trip to Rethymno. Our company furnishes the auto rental service in nearby areas of Rethymno. These areas are worth watching and will amplify the fun of your journey with their exceptional views. You can visit these areas Bali and Georgioupolis in Crete with your own hired cars.

Rental car services:

Our deals on car rental revolve around all the requisites of our privileged customers. We have striven to engage all the fabulous services in various packages to aid our clients. Renting a car has always played a crucial step in planning your journey. Hence we offer you pleasant services. We know that there is a massive competitor domain in the field of car rental companies. And we have come with innovative yet versatile services with which you will get entertainment with great benefits.

Procedure for car booking:

The procedure for booking your car is so convenient that you follow the simple steps to get your car booked. The prestige feature regarding our services is that you can access the website, put your details in the tabs, and book a car with a single tap. Our IT team has designed these tabs in such a way that it requires basic information. This information includes the pick-up location, time, area, and where the client wants to go. How fascinating is it that you can book your car for rental services while sitting on the couch? We offer you new vehicles at low prices, which are a part of our financial services. Our services also entertain you with car hiring services for pleasure purposes and business tours.

Car Hiring Office:

MONZA RENT A CAR has devoted its customer services with special training to serve you at its car hiring franchise with total commodities. We have managed our offices at a minimal distance from Adelianos Kampos. Our customers have to cover the mileage of 5km.  At our service center, we do comprehend the physical and psychological impact of car hire service. Either clients are looking for weekend rentals or a budget car rental, we are here to offer you all the benefits. Furthermore, when you are taking the car on rent, you will also get the collision car waiver. The affordable vehicle has the most desired feature while getting a rental service.

Car reservation and booking services:

Car reservation services are also one of the distinct attributes. The cars hired by our customers have passed the quality checks and even own official documentation with all luxuries.  Our quick service also aids you with the immediate booking of a rental car whenever you land at the airport or seaport. Monza car hire location is in the periphery of the city to facilitate you with prompt services. Long-term rental services are also obligatory to enjoy long vacations in Rethymno with your loved ones. Our worthy customers will go to get all these amnesties with a short amount. We know honesty and trust are the essences of every business; hence, we have a strategy to provide you all services with no hidden charges. We have also compensated the car rental rates according to our customer’s desire. That’s why we have cautiously groomed up a portable program which will be easier for the client of any age group to operate. We are also putting effort to attain the first car Hire Company‘s rank at Crete Rethymno with certified allegiance.

MONZA car hire Rethymnon has a wide variety of reliable vehicles at very affordable prices to facilitate your travels and explorations. The friendly and qualified staff is waiting to serve you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
about car hire at Rethymnon

How much does it cost to rent a car at Rethymnon?

The rental price varies depending on the days you rent the car. The more time period, the cheaper the rental price. Rates start from 9 € / day.

What type of rental car do you suggest me to hire in Rethymnon?

The best recommended car category for car hire Rethymnon is  the Medium Family (C ) like Toyota Yaris. It is also suitable for traveling all around Crete.

What is the speed limit in Rethymnon?

You can drive in the city of Rethymnon up to 50km as in most cities in Crete and Greece. If you drive on the highway then the speed increases to 90km. Follow the road signs that define you the speed limit.

I don't have a credit card. Can I rent a car?

In case you do not have a credit card, choose full insurance coverage in the insurance options to avoid the amount of excess as a guarantee. Upon pickup of the car, you can pay in cash or with a debit card.

What should be the age of the driver to rent a car?

The driver must be 21 years old with at least 1 year of driving for categories A1, B1, and C. For the other categories, it is 23 and 25 years. Selecting your age in the search form will only show the vehicles you can rent based on your age.

Do I have additional costs for the delivery of the car in Rethymnon?

You do not have any other fees for the delivery of your rental car in the Rethymnon area, in the hotel or apartment you stay.