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The traditional Cretan fete

The multicultural and distant past of Crete is reflected in all aspects of modern Cretan, such as language, dance, music, diet, arts and crafts. In Crete, tradition ties in harmoniously with modern life. Undoubtedly for reasons related to the history, religion and climate, the customs and traditions of the island are very special and unique. …

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Special Cretan dishes and sweets

The Mediterranean diet, especially Cretan food, is one of the healthiest and most unique in the world. So we quote some special dishes and sweets of the island, which are worth trying. Visit Crete, rent a car, and explore it. It’s a great opportunity to taste its food and get to know the tricks and …

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The climate of Crete

The climate of Crete varies from place to place. This happens because the sea, on the one hand, and the internal soil changes, on the other hand, influences it. In general, the climate is subtropical with main characteristics the rainy and mild winter and dry and hot summer. There are also strong winds affecting both …

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Cliff Diving in Agios Nikolaos

Cliff Diving is one of the most exciting and impressive sports in the world. Crete, and in particular the town of Agios Nikolaos, is an ideal place for lovers of this sport. The town of Agios Nikolaos Agios Nikolaos is a beautiful seaside town in eastern Crete. The town is built on hills, offering wonderful …

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Traditional Cretan Costumes

Various special elements make up the identity of each people and of each place. These characteristics are the manners and customs, the traditions and legends, any occupations of the inhabitants and of course the costumes. Apparel is an interesting element. The climatic conditions of the island, its territorial morphology, its national adventures, and the influences …

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Gorges of Crete

Crete has a very rich and varied natural environment. Although its small area, it has rarely geomorphology with intensive contrasts and many areas of high ecological value. On the bas-relief of the island strongly imprints the geological rearrangements of millions of years. The water of the rivers continued its corrosive course into the limestone soils, …

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