5 useful tips to go off the beaten track in Crete

Have you been several times in Crete and now you want to discover its authentic side and go off the beaten track? Our greatest tip is to rent a car in Crete in order to have the flexibility and freedom to go anywhere you want and explore locations that are not accessible by car. Book online your car rental in Chania, Heraklion and Rethymnon and get ready to do amazing things with this guide for travellers, who are looking for something different!

Visit mainland villages

The most touristic locations in Crete are of course these that are situated by the sea. However, in the inner part of the island, you can find untouched treasures that are waiting to be explored. For example, from Heraklion, you can go to Archanes or Zaros, and from Rethymnon, to Anogia and Chora Sfakion. Public transportation does not get you to these mainland villages but renting a car in Crete is affordable and the ultimate solution for you.

Meet the locals

Cretans are the most hospitable and unique people you can meet in Greece. They are always ready to please you and show you the beauties of Crete. If you visit the island in the off-season, then it is much easier to discuss with them and drink raki than during the high-season. They have a lot of interesting stories to tell you, and it is quite common to give you a treat or invite you for dinner with their family.

Find secluded beaches

Crete is famous for its astonishing beaches but be prepared to share a small place by the sea with hundreds of other people, especially during the high-season. Why not trying to find secluded beaches and enjoy some moments of relaxation? You may have to go on foot for some kilometres, but it is totally worth it! Our recommendation is Voidomatis 60 km south of Heraklion.

Explore the old churches

Around Crete, there are many old churches, some of which date back to the Byzantine times. If you rent a car in Crete, you can make a fascinating road trip, stop whenever you want and take a lot of pictures in front of a white-washed chapel or a stone-built church, such as the church in Archanes village with its impressive Byzantine icons.

Taste the Cretan wine

Crete has some of the best wines in Greece, some of which are internationally awarded. The vineyards of Crete are located in the northern part, where the cool wind from Aegean Sea creates the perfect weather conditions. Don’t miss doing a memorable trip by car in Cretan vineyards and explore the rare varieties in these roads of wine that have 4.000 year-tradition.