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Windsurf at Kouremenos beach of Sitia or at Falasarna beach of Chania

The beautiful island of Crete is a popular tourist destination for all tastes. So in addition to enjoying your vacation at sea or mountain, walking in canyons and trails, visiting important archaeological sites and picturesque villages, having fun in beautiful cities, it offers alternative tourism such as sports tourism. A great suggestion for windsurf enthusiasts …

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6 nudism-friendly beaches in Crete

Nudism is not allowed in Greece. However, in many secluded and unorganised beaches, it is tolerated, while in many organised beaches, there is a part of them, where nudists swim. Crete is one of the nudism-friendliest Greek islands. It is the best place to be in contact with nature and feel the ultimate freedom. Read …

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Explore the impressive area of southern Chania

A rough mountainous landscape of remote plateaus and impressive gorges reaches all the way down to the sea to create one of the most spectacular coastlines in the Mediterranean Sea. This is southern Chania (Need to rent a car in Chania? Click Here), a region ideal for travelers, who want to discover the off-the-beaten-track side …

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