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Traditional Cretan Costumes

Various special elements make up the identity of each people and of each place. These characteristics are the manners and customs, the traditions and legends, any occupations of the inhabitants and of course the costumes. Apparel is an interesting element. The climatic conditions of the island, its territorial morphology, its national adventures, and the influences …

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Gorges of Crete

Crete has a very rich and varied natural environment. Although its small area, it has rarely geomorphology with intensive contrasts and many areas of high ecological value. On the bas-relief of the island strongly imprints the geological rearrangements of millions of years. The water of the rivers continued its corrosive course into the limestone soils, …

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Dances of Crete

The music and dance tradition of Crete reflects its history, its culture, and the experiences of its inhabitants. As a result, the Cretan dances have at the same time religious, martial and erotic elements. Religious elements are evident in the circular and slow dances, such as the “Haniotikos” dance with its expressions and the “Siganos” …

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The fascinating mythology of Crete


Crete was considered a mythical island since the antiquity, which is why it was related to many stories that constituted the Greek mythology. The amazing beauty and the strong aura of this legendary island created many myths about it. Did you know that Crete was said to be the birthplace of Zeus? Before spending your vacation …

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