Travelling with kids? Read this guide about renting a car in Crete

Are you organising your vacation in Crete with your children? Congratulations! Crete is a great family-friendly Greek island, offering many activities for families, such as water-sports facilities in most organised beaches, as well as the famous Cretaquarium with thousands of sea species. When travelling with kids, it is necessary to rent a car in Crete as the local transportation is not convenient for your family. Fortunately, renting a car in Crete is affordable with amazing deals and discounts the whole year round. Are you wondering what to keep in mind in this process? We gathered for you here the most important things to remember.

Preparation and online booking

Travelling with kids needs perfect planning, and that means you should book your car in advance. Booking online has numerous advantages, such as lower prices, but especially for families, online car rental in Crete means you can pick up your car from Heraklion or Chania airport immediately without having to wait and to search at that moment which car to choose.


Remember that you need a valid driving license and a credit card in your name in order to rent a car in Crete. Plus, the driver should be over 21 years old. For EU-citizens, their own driving license is compatible with these requirements, but for citizens outside EU, an international driving license is required.

Type of car

If you are over 23 years old and you have a driving license for minimum 2 years, you can rent any type of car you want. Small cars are of course the cheapest, but travelling with kids means you have many suitcases and personal things, so we recommend you renting a more comfortable car. Besides, you can find online unbeatable offers to hire a car from a higher category. The best option is an SUV with GPS in order to be fully independent and have the opportunity to go to rural areas and remote beaches.

In case you do not bring your own child car seat, you have to rent one from the car rental company in Crete. This service has an extra charge but in most cases, it is cheaper than bringing your own seat from home by aeroplane. Remember to inform the company about that before booking your car.


There are two major types of insurance when renting a car in Crete. Collision Damage Waiver limits your responsibility for your share of any damage to the rented car during the rental period, while full insurance (Super Collision Damage Waiver) reduces the liability to minimum charge with an extra fee per day. When travelling with kids, it is better to choose the second one and be fully covered in case of an accident.