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The traditional Cretan Cuisine

Crete is ideally located and is characterized by a sharp relief land. So, the earth of the island is fertile and blessed because of its climate, sea breeze, and plenty of sunlight. Literally, there are a lot of high quality products that are grown alone or are cultivated. These are extremely wild greens and aromatic …

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Dances of Crete

The music and dance tradition of Crete reflects its history, its culture, and the experiences of its inhabitants. As a result, the Cretan dances have at the same time religious, martial and erotic elements. Religious elements are evident in the circular and slow dances, such as the “Haniotikos” dance with its expressions and the “Siganos” …

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Cretan Herbs

Crete has the largest number of plants and herbs in Greece, and most are endemic. The wealth of endemic plants and herbs is due to the island’s isolation from the mainland, the existence of high mountains and a wide variety of habitats. The many canyons of Crete constitute refuge for endemic, rare and threatened by …

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Psiloritis, the legendary mountain

“Psiloritis” or the mount “Idi” lies in the inland of the island, stretching the prefectures of Heraclion and Rethimno. It is an elongated mountain with few peaks. Its highest peak calls “Timios Stauros” and reaches 2456 meters. Snow covers the main mountain range almost all year. Among its peaks are streams, canyons and plateaus. There …

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A day trip to famous Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is located in the southern part of the prefecture of Chania. It is about 16km long, Europe’s second longest canyon. It is a National Park and hosts many endemic species of birds and animals, the most famous of which is the Cretan goat, also known as “Kri-Kri”. How to get there If …

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Loutro, a special and unique seaside village that must be visited

The seaside hamlet of Loutro is a beautiful unique village, built amphitheatrically in a closed and windless bay, offering complete tranquility, relaxation and quiet. The main feature of the area is that it is accessible only by boat or on foot. Thus, you cannot go there with a vehicle and there are no cars and …

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