The best 6 experiences to have in Chania

It is not an exaggeration to say that Chania is the most beautiful town in Crete and one of the prettiest and best-preserved cities in Greece. Plus, the prefecture of Chania is a heaven of exotic beaches and traditional villages. So, if you have planned your vacation there, now is the time to learn everything you need to know about this captivating place. Step one: book your hotel and your tickets. Step two: read this guide to get all the information you want. Step three: rent a car in Chania and be ready to explore the whole area. Step four: live amazing moments and once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

The harbour of Chania

The most famous photo of Chania is its harbour. Colourful neoclassical houses, the lighthouse at the edge of the quay, the mosques, the pedestrian and the lovely Greek taverns by the sea constitute a stunning picture that makes Chania so attractive. Watching the sunset from the lighthouse is just a breathtaking experience.

Splatzia Area

Inside the old town of Chania, there is the Turkish neighbourhood with its vibrant main square that impresses the visitor with its multicultural character. An amazing spot there is the significant church of Agios Nikolaos, which hosts a bell tower together with a minaret. The whole area is nowadays full of cafes, sophisticated bars and taverns with high quality food.

Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon is one of the most magnificent sceneries in Greece, and it is constantly awarded as one of the best beaches in Europe. Turquoise waters in a beach that looks like a lagoon captivate every visitor. Balos is the best example of the miracles that nature can create. It is located in northwestern side of the prefecture, and if you rent a car in Chania, you can be there in about one-hour drive.


In a close distance to the archaeological site of ancient Falassarna also in northwestern Crete, Falassarna is the ideal beach to spend a day under the famous Greek sun and enjoy swimming in emerald sea waters. Endless blue, golden sand and the ruins of the historical site nearby constitute the typical Greek landscape.


Paleochora is a beautiful coastal settlement you should definitely visit as it is a perfect sunset spot. Plus, its taverns are renowned for their delicious food. The Cretan diet is considered as one of the healthiest but at the same time most tasteful cuisines in the world. Fried snails, dakos salad and fresh fish are ideally accompanied by raki in the pretty beach promenade of Paleochora, lined with traditional houses.


Elafonissi is one of the few beaches in Greece with pink sand. Cedar trees give the coastline a totally exotic aura and the pink color of the landscape gives you the opportunity to take dozens of weird and stunning photos. Another must-see not only in Chania but generally in Crete.