4 mistakes all travellers make when coming to Crete and how to avoid them

4 mistakes all travellers make

It is impossible not to make mistakes when visiting a place for the first time. The wisest thing you can do before going to another country is to search for tips and advice as much as you can, but still, it is very easy to miss something and make some common mistakes. Especially in Crete, which is a large island with numerous attractions, all travellers are confused about the best way to explore it and spend their vacation. That’s why we gathered for you here the 4 most common mistakes travellers do when coming to Crete. If you read them, you will also know how to avoid them!

Visit Crete in July and August

We understand that your strongest motivation for summer holidays in Crete is the famous Greek sun. Thus, you think you should come in the middle of the summer, in July or in August. Well, this is something we don’t recommend. Why? Because during the full-season, prices are higher than in the middle-season, and there are literally crowds of tourists everywhere. You will have a much more wonderful time, if you come to Crete in May, June, September or even April or October. Things will be calmer, prices in accommodation and car rental in Crete lower, and you will have also the opportunity to spend relaxing moments away from mass tourism. Plus, the weather is sunny, but temperature pleasant without the chance of heat wave.

Try to see the whole island at once

If you visit Crete after having visited another Greek island, you may have the opinion that you can see everything worthwhile at once during a week or 10 days of vacation. However, Crete is totally different than any other island in Greece. It is consisted of 4 prefectures (Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lassithi), and it is impossible to explore them all, unless you have one month for your summer holidays. It is better to choose one prefecture at a time in order to visit all the stunning beaches, the significant historical sites and the traditional villages all around.

Go only in the touristic places

Another mistake is to go only where the crowds of tourists go. Try something different and go off-the-beaten path. Crete has innumerable hidden coves, mountainous well-preserved villages and hiking paths to discover, ideal if you want to find peace and privacy and explore the astonishing Cretan nature.

Use only public transportation

Last but not least, using only public transportation, such as buses, is a common mistake that will cost you much time and effort. Buses itineraries are rare, while there are many beaches and villages that are not accessible by public transportation. If you want to see what the island has to offer, it is much better to rent a car in Crete and have the flexibility to go anywhere you like anytime you like. Especially in the low or middle season, you can find super deals for car rental or you can hire the car only for some days in order to see the remoted and secluded places.