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Top 5 unspoiled gems in Crete

Let’s be honest. Crete is a highly touristic island with thousands of tourists every summer. That means it is hard to find some truly untouched places to go, especially if you visit the island in the high-season. Even remoted places, such as Balos Lagoon and Elafonissi, are full of travellers. What we recommend is to …

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The best 6 experiences to have in Chania

It is not an exaggeration to say that Chania is the most beautiful town in Crete and one of the prettiest and best-preserved cities in Greece. Plus, the prefecture of Chania is a heaven of exotic beaches and traditional villages. So, if you have planned your vacation there, now is the time to learn everything …

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4 mistakes all travellers make

4 mistakes all travellers make when coming to Crete and how to avoid them

It is impossible not to make mistakes when visiting a place for the first time. The wisest thing you can do before going to another country is to search for tips and advice as much as you can, but still, it is very easy to miss something and make some common mistakes. Especially in Crete, …

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Travelling with kids? Read this guide about renting a car in Crete

Are you organising your vacation in Crete with your children? Congratulations! Crete is a great family-friendly Greek island, offering many activities for families, such as water-sports facilities in most organised beaches, as well as the famous Cretaquarium with thousands of sea species. When travelling with kids, it is necessary to rent a car in Crete …

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5 useful tips to go off the beaten track in Crete

Have you been several times in Crete and now you want to discover its authentic side and go off the beaten track? Our greatest tip is to rent a car in Crete in order to have the flexibility and freedom to go anywhere you want and explore locations that are not accessible by car. Book …

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How to make the most of your trip in Crete: 4 insider’s tips

Do you dream of a holiday in Crete? The legendary birthplace of Zeus, the most touristic Greek island and the place in Greece with the most internationally awarded beaches, Crete, is the ultimate place to have amazing vacation whatever you want to do. The island is ideal for all types of travellers: for history lovers, …

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