The stunning beaches of Rethymno

Rethymno is the third town of Crete, and it is a region with great urban and natural beauty as well as long and rich history. In addition to the walks you can do in Rethymno and the villages around it, the nightlife, the museums and the historical sites, the area of Rethymno has many astonishing beaches to offer, some of which are considered among the best beaches of Greece.

The beaches of the northern part of Rethymno prefecture, like Panormos and Bali, are organised bays with all touristic facilities. On the other hand, the beaches of the southern side that overlook the Libyan Sea, like Preveli, are secluded, undiscovered coves that reveal the authentic side of Crete’s most unexplored area away from the crowds. These are the best beaches in Rethymno that you should definitely visit.


Preveli is one of the most beautiful and exotic beaches of Crete, and it is located 40 km from the town of Rethymno. A river flows into the sea, passes from many palm trees and forms a lake by the sand. The beach is unorganised and unspoiled, but there are water sports facilities to explore the lake and the river. The beauty of the landscape is just breathtaking.


Bali is located 32 km from Rethymno, and it is a very popular beach thanks to its wild landscape, the peaceful atmosphere and the crystal sea waters. Nearby, there is a village with many taverns and hotels. Bali is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the touristic facilities and swim for hours in the calm waters.

Agia Galini

Agia Galini, 55 km south of Rethymno Town, is a long sandy bay, surrounded by steep cliffs that create an imposing scenery. The picturesque fishing village behind the beach is the perfect place to eat and relax after swimming and sunbathing. Remember also that Agia Galini beach has to offer a wide range of water-sports facilities that make it family-friendly.


Panormos, which is situated 20 km from Rethymno, is a fully organised beach on the northern side of the prefecture. Its clean and shallow waters as well as the charming settlement of Panormos with all the touristic facilities make this beach very popular for families with kids.


Triopetra is an isolated beach on the southern side of the prefecture, 52 km from the town. Three rocks at the end of the beach give the feeling of protection from the strong winds, but the most fantastic feature of Triopetra is the wonderful sunset, when the sun is lost in the horizon of the Libyan Sea.

Agios Paulos

Agios Paulos is a beach of gorgeous beauty, which however, because of the difficulty of the road, is secluded and away from mass tourism. It is also located on the southern side of the prefecture, 60 km from Rethymno, which has the most exotic beaches. The beach is unorganised, so remember to take with you water from the nearby village.