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Gavdos, The Calypso’s Paradise

The beautiful islet of Gavdos lies southern of Crete. It is a small island ideal for relaxation, tranquility and isolation. Gavdos is a hidden paradise with fantastic beaches giving an amazing sense of freedom and simplicity. According to mythology, Gavdos is the island where the nymph Calypso held captive Odysseus for several years, who had …

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The best activities you can do in Crete

Crete has not only top touristic amenities, but also spectacular nature with great variety, which allows you to do various activities during your summer vacation. Hiking and climbing on gorges and mountains or doing water sports and scuba diving on the exotic beaches are only some of the best activities on the island. If you …

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Why you should visit Crete in the off-season

Crete is famous all over the world as a fantastic summer destination thanks to its amazing beaches and the warm weather. However, have you ever thought about visiting Crete September through April? The sunny weather among other great pros will convince you to visit Crete during it’s low season. Read here all the best reasons …

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