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Cretan Herbs

Crete has the largest number of plants and herbs in Greece, and most are endemic. The wealth of endemic plants and herbs is due to the island’s isolation from the mainland, the existence of high mountains and a wide variety of habitats. The many canyons of Crete constitute refuge for endemic, rare and threatened by …

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Psiloritis, the legendary mountain

“Psiloritis” or the mount “Idi” lies in the inland of the island, stretching the prefectures of Heraclion and Rethimno. It is an elongated mountain with few peaks. Its highest peak calls “Timios Stauros” and reaches 2456 meters. Snow covers the main mountain range almost all year. Among its peaks are streams, canyons and plateaus. There …

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Sitia’ s olive oil

The olive oil of Sitia is the best in the world The province of Sitia is a blessed landscape in Eastern Crete. It is producing high quality agricultural products, except of its fantastic places and tourist interest. The ideal combination of soil with the climate of the region, which is dry with long sunshine, results …

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